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Soft Baby Toys, Waldorf, Baby and Girl Dolls from Germany

New Käthe Kruse Cloth Toys at Nuremberg

Plenty of new items in the cloth toy category this year and you can get a first glimpse here. The "Discover the World" series features items specifically for girls and also for boys. You'll be familiar with some of the items like the favorite towel dolls, but there are new items as well with pockets for hide-and-seek play.

Discover the world for girls Discover the world for girls includes lots of pink and wonderful patterns.
Discover the world garden mat Discover the world garden mat with hide-and-seek vegetables.

For boys, the "Discover the World" series includes new autos with pockets and straps for added play value.

Discover the world for boys Discover the world for boys auto activity toy and play mat.

The "Miracle Forest" series includes some redesigned items and new items like squirrels and hedgehogs.

New miracle forest items The fox dressing doll is a new miracle forest item.
And hedgehogs are back Hedgehogs are back as teethers, towel dolls, and more.

Käthe Kruse does not forget the past and continues a long running series of classic items like the Kruse bear, bear towel doll, luckies rattles, and the luckies bunny towel doll.

The classic luckies series The classic luckies series continues with some new designs.
Long time classic toys Long time classic teddy bears and cloth dolls.