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Soft Baby Toys, Waldorf, Baby and Girl Dolls from Germany

The Doll Doctor, Repairs

Most Kaethe Kruse dolls can be repaired if they become broken or damaged. Kaethe Kruse also offers a doll spa service to clean and refurbish your collectible doll. With over a hundred years of experience, Kaethe Kruse is an expert in healing all kinds of physical complications. Let your doll be repaired where she was created and where she first saw the light of the doll world: the Kaethe Kruse workshops.

Currently, all repairs are performed in Germany. To get an estimate for repair cost visit the service contact page for Kaethe Kruse Germany. You'll find the contact information to use to send photos and to correspond about your service options. Dolls less than one year old with proof of purchase can normally be repaired at no charge. (Doll repair and shipping from Germany to USA at no charge.)

Additional Care Information for Collectible Dolls

To keep the real hair wig of your doll soft and easy to style we recommend that you occasionally wash it with a mild hair shampoo and hair conditioner. Do not apply the shampoo and conditioner directly to the doll hair, but dilute it with water first. Use a natural bristle hair brush to remove knots that might appear on the wig. After washing the hair, use a towel to softly dry the wig, do not dry rub. Afterwards, let the hair of your doll dry naturally, do not blow dry. Every now and then we recommend using a small amount of styling crème on the wig to protect the hair from getting dry and difficult to style.

The face of the doll can be cleaned with a damp cloth; do not use soap or other washing products.

Light stains in soft stuffed bodies can be removed very carefully with a white eraser. Attention: This method should not be used in very old dolls, because the material might tear easily.