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Soft Baby Toys, Waldorf, Baby and Girl Dolls from Germany

Classic Rattles for your Nursery

Many nurseries are designed around a theme, be it colors, shapes, animals, or a wonderful eclectic combination. Käthe Kruse has a series of soft rattles in classic fabrics with simple, animal designs that fit well into most nurseries. The classic series of rattles includes a lamb, kitten, duck, bunny, and dog.

Classic Soft Duck Rattle

Developmental Benefits

A soft rattle has several developmental benefits which may be surprising for such a simple toy! First is discovery of cause and effect. When the rattle is moved or shaken, it makes a little sound and when it is still, it is quiet. A baby learns how to make or control the sounds of the rattle.

Classic Soft Lamb Rattle

Second, these soft rattles provide grasping possibilities and a surface for little fingers to explore. Since the rattles are soft, little hands can compress the fabric and stuffing but the rattle returns to its original shape. As baby ages, they may even discover the small rattle pod within the animal.

Third, the soft animal rattles are an introduction to shapes of animals and begin the process of identifying things in this new, vast world. As a parent or caregiver, you can even bring the animal to life during play time by telling stories and simulating movement.

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