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Warm Up with a Cherry Stone Pillow

Had I known that there was such a thing as a Cherry Stone Pillow while growing up in Vermont, I surely would have begged to have one of my own. Perhaps I could have ignored the snow on the inside of the window at bedtime.

Cherry stone pouch removed from Prince Charming

Here's how it works:

  • Remove the internal cherry stone pouch and heat in the microwave for a minute or two. (This can vary greatly depending on the size and power of your microwave, but start at a minute, check the temperature of the pouch, and add time if needed.)

Heat cherry stone pouch in the microwave

  • Place the pouch back into it's cover and enjoy the warmth!

Replace the cherry stone pouch in its cover

The kids will love to take a warm, cuddly friend to bed on cold winter nights. You'll get that special smile from them and it even might make bedtime easier and quicker! The warmth lasts as long as 30 minutes so that they are comfortably asleep before the pouch returns to room temperature.

Cherry stones are chosen because they are very hard and won't have problems with cracking or popping with repeated use. Your warming pillow should last for many years.

For the rest of January, receive a 20% discount on all Cherry Stone Pillows with coupon code¹ WARMCHERRY20. So now it's easier than ever to discover portable warmth for you and your family!

Cherry stone pillow Prince Charming, warmed and ready

Back to the snow on the window as a child - I don't think we had a microwave then so I probably would have needed to place the pouch on the steaming hot radiator downstairs for 30 minutes!

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