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Soft Baby Toys, Waldorf, Baby and Girl Dolls from Germany

Organic Soft Dolls are Back

For many years, Kaethe Kruse produced a line of organic towel dolls, rattles, and small musicals. These were gradually phased out in 2014.

Now, organic is making a comeback! You can find these new organic items under "Series | Organic" on the menu bar. We begin with the return of the organic Gugguli doll and two organic towel dolls. The Gugguli dolls have always been popular because of their soft bodies, smiling faces, short dangling hair, and easy machine washable care.

Organic Gugguli dolls Organic Gugguli dolls

The new organic towel dolls have the same smiling faces, but with expertly chosen cotton and flannel fabrics for a "body".

Organic towel dolls Organic towel dolls

Both the Gugguli dolls and the towel dolls are suitable and safe for infants as well as toddlers. All of the materials used are also antiallergic.

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