Soft Baby Toys, Waldorf, Baby and Girl Dolls from Germany

Waldorf Dolls

Waldorf Inspired Play
Play is the work of children and toys from natural materials with minimal detail provide inspiration for developing imaginations.
Social Development
Käthe Kruse Waldorf dolls aide social development by providing opportunity for role play and for exploring different emotions.
All Natural Materials
Cotton fabrics and stuffed with wool.

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  1. Heidi Waldorf doll

    Heidi Waldorf doll

    Heidi is a handmade 15 inch Waldorf doll wearing a blue and white checked reversible dress with integrated flower pattern apron, white knit socks, a matching headband, and carries a heart shaped purse.... Learn More
  2. Miyu Waldorf doll

    Miyu Waldorf doll


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    Miyu is a handmade 15 inch Asian Waldorf doll wearing a rose pattern reversible dress, pink knit socks, matching hair bows, and carries a lamb purse.... Learn More
  3. Kira Waldorf doll

    Kira Waldorf doll

    Kira is a handmade 15 inch Waldorf doll wearing a blue flower pattern reversible dress, blue knit socks, matching hair bows, and she carries a spiral purse.... Learn More
  4. Red Schatzi Waldorf doll

    Red Schatzi Waldorf doll

    This Schatzi Waldorf doll is a handmade 14 inch doll with a soft cotton body wearing a red polka dot dress and a matching hat. Her dress has a handy pocket!... Learn More
  5. Organic pink Gugguli doll

    Organic Waldorf pink Gugguli doll

    The organic Waldorf pink Gugguli doll is individually handcrafted with natural materials and has a soft cotton body, and a matching striped hat. All cotton materials come from biologically controlled farms and all materials are antiallergic.... Learn More

5 Item(s)