Soft Baby Toys, Waldorf, Baby and Girl Dolls from Germany

Soft Cloth Dolls

Soft and Natural Dolls
Soft dolls are perfect for babies and young toddlers. The soft bodies and heads allow them to grasp and experiment with textures.

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  1. Terrycloth baby blue and white

    Terrycloth baby blue and white

    The blue and white terrycloth baby is an original 12 inch doll designed by Kaethe Kruse's daughter Hanne Kruse and a true classic toy since the 1960s.... Learn More
  2. Waldorf Gugguli green stripe doll

    Waldorf Gugguli green stripe doll

    The green stripe Gugguli doll is individually handcrafted with natural materials and has a floppy, soft cotton velour body. The doll's neutral features are in the Waldorf tradition.... Learn More
  3. Nicki Baby white angel

    Nicki Baby white angel

    The white Nicki Baby angel is a fully washable cuddly baby wearing a one-piece sleeper suit, matching hat, and yellow angel wings.... Learn More

3 Item(s)