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Soft Baby Toys, Waldorf, Baby and Girl Dolls from Germany

Where are Käthe Kruse Dolls Made?

The most common question we receive voices concern about where Käthe Kruse dolls are manufactured. Are they made in Germany? All of the baby and girl dolls and all of the soft dolls are made in Jelgava, Latvia at a factory owned and operated by Käthe Kruse. The dolls for collectors are made in Donauwörth, Germany, where the Käthe Kruse headquarters is located. 

Here are some photos from the factory in Jelgava featuring our skilled doll makers.

Stitching a doll body by hand
Stitching a doll body by hand.

Hand painting doll facesDoll faces are hand painted by experienced artists.

Expertly sewn doll clothingDoll clothing is expertly created for every doll.

A Lolle doll gets a haircut and style
A professional hair cut and style prepares a Lolle doll for a new home.

Finishing the doll making process with clothing and a boxFinishing the doll making process with clothing and a box.

As you can see, when you purchase a Käthe Kruse doll, you're receiving a special, unique doll that is skillfully produced by hand - in Europe.

For every item in our catalog, you can see where it was made by checking the "Additional Information" section below the description for the row titled "Country of Manufacture."