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Towel Dolls

Constant, Faithful, Soft Companions
A towel doll; adopts familiar smells, becomes a familiar texture for babies. Towel dolls are comforting and promote a feeling of safety.

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  1. Dragon Kuno pacifier towel doll

    Dragon Kuno pacifier towel doll


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    The friendly dragon Kuno pacifier towel doll is soft and cuddly with a hand-embroidered smiling face and a body of fleece and cotton flannel fabrics.... Learn More
  2. Cara Mello towel doll

    Cara Mello towel doll


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    Cara Mello is a friendly monkey towel doll with a colorful hair tuft fun for little fingers and a body of two knotted cotton fabrics. The outer fabric is a light blue star print with a tumbling monkey detail.... Learn More

2 Item(s)