Soft Baby Toys, Waldorf, Baby and Girl Dolls from Germany

Soft Baby Toys

Soft toys for babies and toddlers from Kathe Kruse of Germany specifically designed to aide in child development, provide comfort and security, and to be constant, safe companions.

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  1. Dragon Kuno pacifier towel doll

    Dragon Kuno pacifier towel doll


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    The friendly dragon Kuno pacifier towel doll is soft and cuddly with a hand-embroidered smiling face and a body of fleece and cotton flannel fabrics.... Learn More
  2. Cara Mello towel doll

    Cara Mello towel doll


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    Cara Mello is a friendly monkey towel doll with a colorful hair tuft fun for little fingers and a body of two knotted cotton fabrics. The outer fabric is a light blue star print with a tumbling monkey detail.... Learn More

2 Item(s)