Soft Baby Toys, Waldorf, Baby and Girl Dolls from Germany

Friedjof & Nana

Simultaneously Cute and Elegant
Traditional items for boys or girls in soft and colorful fabrics. A penguin doesn't need cold, just a companion!

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  1. Penguin Nana safety seat hanger

    Penguin Nana safety seat hanger

    The penguin Nana safety seat hanger features an internal rattle and tweeter and she has a flower pattern belly, gray cotton terry body, and pink flippers and feet.... Learn More
  2. Penguin Nana teether

    Penguin Nana teether

    The colorful Penguin Nana holds a maple wood teething ring in her arms and is excellent for finger play or to comfort a teething baby.... Learn More
  3. Penguin Friedjof cherry stone pillow

    Penguin Friedjof cherry stone pillow


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    Friedjof is a cute penguin with a pocket that holds a cherry stone pouch which can be warmed or cooled to soothe minor aches and pains or taken to bed to enjoy the warmth on a cold night.... Learn More
  4. Penguin Friedjof with baby Nana

    Penguin Friedjof with baby Nana

    Friedjof the papa penguin has little baby Nana to care for and a perfectly sized pocket to carry her and keep the baby penguin safe.... Learn More
  5. Penguin Friedjof hand puppet

    Penguin Friedjof hand puppet

    The Friedjof penguin hand puppet is handmade from soft cotton terry fabric, has dangling legs, a warm scarf to keep out the cold, and of course, he carries his lunch - a fish.... Learn More
  6. Penguin Nana musical

    Penguin Nana musical


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    The musical penguin Nana is constructed from cotton terry fabric with colorful accents, is stuffed with fiberfill, and has a loop cord at the top for easy hanging.... Learn More

6 Item(s)