Soft Baby Toys, Waldorf, Baby and Girl Dolls from Germany

Nursery & Décor

Käthe Kruse mobiles, musical toys, warming pillows and hanging toys add the perfect touch to compliment your nursery.

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  1. Waldorf Gugguli light blue angel

    Waldorf Gugguli light blue angel


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    The light blue Waldorf Gugguli angel doll is individually handcrafted with natural materials and has a soft and floppy cotton terry body. The head, hands, and feet are stuffed with sheep wool.... Learn More
  2. Bunny Pino towel doll

    Bunny Pino towel doll


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    Pino is the friendly, smiling bunny towel doll made from a light green top knit fabric and an inner soft flannel. Pino has a hand-embroidered face, and special stitching details.... Learn More
  3. Dangler lamb

    Dangler lamb

    The Dangler Lamb is a soft and lovable playmate constructed from cotton terry and filled with pellets and fiberfill.... Learn More
  4. Floppy Peter Rabbit

    Floppy Peter Rabbit

    Floppy Peter Rabbit is a long-time favorite in Germany and is made from soft cotton terry and filled with fiberfill.... Learn More
  5. Bunny hand puppet

    Bunny hand puppet

    The brown bunny hand puppet is handmade from soft cotton terry fabric and has contrast fabric patches on hands, feet, and ears.... Learn More
  6. Musical bunny Rucola

    Musical bunny Rucola

    The musical bunny Rucola is constructed from soft cotton terry fabric, has a hand stitched face, and is stuffed with fiberfill.... Learn More

6 Item(s)